set out from los angeles

Lead by the co-founder of Chocollection, Winy lives on her Cioccolato Lifestyle which fits the balance leisure travellers. She designed her first suitcase in the Los Angeles Pink Motel, searching for a lighter suitcase to deliver an element of surprise in its designs.

Winy inspired all other Cioccolato designers to follow the users one step ahead, to exceed their expectations and imaginations, and to explore new futures by looking one FUNCTION ahead.

Travel Brand   With Vision

As a travel brand, we take pride in our team, products, and our Code. 
We promise to always create unique, high quality items using the latest technologies and techniques and to never let you down.

cioccolato lifestyle code

To be bright, to exceed expectations and imaginations, to give one hundred percent in pursuing your dream, to know that your thoughts and attitudes directly control your behaviour, to stand up for those who cannot, to always side with the truth, to continuously search for knowledge, to keep full confidence in yourself when facing trials, to lift others up, to taking control of this glimpse which we call life...

... to be CIOCCOLATO.