Cioccolato maintains a high level of manufacturing in the construction of all Cioccolato cases. We customer service very seriously and will always endeavour to respond to customer letters at the soonest opportunity.

Airport handling can cause severe damage and no matter how robust a case is, this level of mistreatment will damage all cases. If a case is damaged in transit Cioccolato advises customers to claim against the airline. This is usually dealt with by the airline by replacement or repair, but must be reported at the time.

Your Cioccolato case is a high quality product, which has been manufactured with great care. In order to maintain the good condition for a very long time, please observe the following instructions: to clean away dust and dirt, you should only use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

  • Hair dryer, aggressive materials or cleansing agents and disinfectants such as nail polish and nail polish remover, acetone, ammonia, benzene, chloroform, phenol-based compounds, etc. may not be used as they may damage the surface.
  • Stickers can usually be removed easily with warm soapy water. Adhesive residue or other tough stains can be removed with light alcohols (e.g.isopropyl alcohol from a pharmacy).
  • Scratches cannot be removed in general. You should perform the appropriate measures to ensure proper and careful handling of your luggage during transport. Signs of wear, which can occur with this material when traveling, do not affect the functionality in any way. As a lasting memory, these marks give your case an individual appearance over time, which makes it unique and distinctive.