Cioccolato PRIVACY PRINCIPLES As a responsible company, Cioccolato is firmly committed to a set of business principles and ethics that help drive our company forward. One of these principles is respect for people and privacy and that begins with how we respect and protect the personal data we receive. To preserve the confidentiality of your personal data provided to us, we maintain the following data privacy principles:  1. We only collect personal data that we believe to be relevant and required to conduct our business.  2. We will not disclose your personal data outside Cioccolato unless we have your consent or are required by law.  3. We aim to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date.  4. We maintain appropriate security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.  PERSONAL DATA WE HOLD There are several broad categories of personal data held by Cioccolato: Customer records are kept for the purposes of providing services, facilities and goods to our customers; opening, maintaining and terminating accounts; processing payments and billing; responding and following up on customer inquiries, gaining an understanding of customers' needs, researching and developing products, conducting customer surveys and direct marketing activities. Personnel records are kept for human resources administration purposes such as managing the recruitment, hiring, payroll, appraisal and termination of personnel of Cioccolato. Contractor records are kept for the purposes of engaging, managing, monitoring and appraising our professional relationships with contractors and their staff who provide services to Cioccolato. Other records that contain personal data held by Cioccolato include records of our business partners, officers, shareholders, visitors and members of the public, and other operational and administrative records that contain personal data.  TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA Cioccolato will disclose personal data when required to do so by law, for example, in response to a court order or a law enforcement agency's request. Cioccolato may transfer your personal data to third parties such as employees, related companies, including subsidiaries and associated companies within the Cioccolato Group, joint venture partners, agents, independent contractors, business associates and service providers, as necessary for any of the purposes stated above. Where personal data is provided to third party organizations, the personal data will only be transferred to such third parties that respects privacy and are under a duty of confidentiality to the Cioccolato Group. ACCURACY OF PERSONAL DATA Cioccolato has certain procedures in place to maintain personal data at a reasonable level of accuracy, completeness and relevancy for the purpose for which the personal data is to be used. Cioccolato aims to keep your data accurate and up-to-date. However, we rely on you to disclose all material information to us and to inform us of any errors or changes in such information. Individuals may amend their personal data, as appropriate, set out in "How You can Access or Correct Your Data" section below. RETENTION OF PERSONAL DATA Cioccolato policy is to retain personal data for no longer than is required to fulfill the purpose (or any directly related purpose) for which the data was to be used, subject to legal, statutory and regulatory requirements mandating the retention of data. SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA Cioccolato has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and help protect personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use. DIRECT MARKETING ACTIVITIES If you prefer for your personal data not to be used for the purposes of direct marketing activities, please send an email, along with your name to our Data Protection Officer at hello@Cioccolato notifying us that you do not wish your personal data to be used for such purposes. PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE We may collect personal data through your use of this website such as name, gender, age, telephone number and email address. Certain information about your computer may also be collected when you visit this website, such as the type of the Internet browser and operating system you are using and the domain name of your Internet service provider. You are not required by law to provide your personal data. However, Cioccolato may not be able to provide you with the services, facilities and goods you may require unless you provide the personal data sought from you. USE OF PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE The Cioccolato Group uses the personal data collected through this website primarily for supplying to you the services, facilities and goods you require; to respond to your inquiries; to gain an understanding of your needs; to perform statistical analysis, analysis of website usage or customer requirements; direct marketing activities; and to notify you of any changes to this website or our services which may affect you. COOKIES Some of the web pages on this website contain "cookies" to enhance your experience of this website. Cookies are text files placed in your computer's Internet browser to store your preferences. Cookies, by themselves, do not provide your e-mail address or other personal data. The Cioccolato Group only obtains this information when you choose to provide it to the website. However, once you choose to furnish the website with your personal data, such data may be linked to data stored in the cookie. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you would prefer, you can set your browser to disable cookies or inform you when they are set. But if you do, certain functionalities of this website may not be available to you. ACCESS AND CORRECTION OF YOUR DATA You can update or correct your personal data by sending an email request to our Data Protection Officer at hello@Cioccolato. The Cioccolato Group will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections to your personal data to protect your privacy and identity. HOW TO CONTACT US If you have any questions or concerns about the Cioccolato Group's Privacy Policy Statement including our data practices for this website or its usage, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at hello@Cioccolatoor write to the following address: Cioccolato Power Hong Kong Limited Data Protection Officer 1806, Nanyang Plaza 57 Hung To Road Kwun Tong Hong Kong Unless specified otherwise, references in this site to "Cioccolato" and the "Cioccolato Group" shall mean Cioccolato Holdings Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates in Hong Kong.  We may change this Privacy Policy Statement from time to time. We encourage you to check this Privacy Policy Statement occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version.

Cioccolato私隱原則 作為一間負責任的公司,Cioccolato恪守一套有助推動公司向前邁進的商業原則和道德操守。這方面的其中一個原則是尊重他人及私隱,而首先由尊重及保護Cioccolato獲得的個人資料開始。為了保護您個人資料的保密性,我們貫徹下列資料私隱原則:  1. 我們只收集我們認為與經營我們的業務相關且必要的個人資料。  2. 除非獲得您同意或按照法律規定,否則Cioccolato不會向外界披露您的個人資料。  3. 我們希望保存您的個人資料是準確及最新的資料。  4. 我們維持適當的保安措施,以防有人擅取您的個人資料。  Cioccolato私隱實務  我們收集的個人資料 Cioccolato收集的個人資料可分為以下幾大類:  出於下列目的而備存的客戶記錄:向客戶提供服務、設施及商品;開立、維持及終止帳戶;處理付款及發單;回覆及跟進客戶查詢;了解客戶的訂單需求;研究及開發產品;進行客戶調查及直接營銷活動。 出於人力資源管理目的而備存的人事記錄,如管理Cioccolato人員的招聘、僱用、薪酬、考勤及終止僱用等事宜。  出於下列目的而備存的承辦商記錄:聘請、管理、監督及評估我們與承辦商(包括其為Cioccolato服務的員工)的業務關係。 Cioccolato載有個人資料的其他記錄,包括業務夥伴、高級人員、股東、訪客及公眾人士的記錄,以及載有個人資料的其他營運及行政記錄。  個人資料的轉移 Cioccolato將因應法例規定,如法庭的命令或執法機關的要求,披露有關的個人資料。 為滿足上述任何用途之需要,Cioccolato可能會將您的個人資料轉移給集團內僱員、關連公司(包括附屬和聯營公司)、合營夥伴、代理人、獨立承辦商、業務聯繫人士及服務供應商。若向第三方機構提供個人資料,有關的個人資料只會轉移到尊重私隱並對Cioccolato負有保密責任的第三方。  個人資料的準確性 Cioccolato已訂立若干程序,將個人資料的準確性、完整性及關聯性保持在合理水平,以配合個人資料的用途。Cioccolato希望使您的個人資料保持準確及最新。然而,我們倚賴您向我們披露所有重要資訊,並告知我們有關此等資訊的任何錯誤或變更。 在適當情況下,個人可按下文所述「接觸或更正您的資料的方法」,修訂其個人資料。  個人資料的保留  Cioccolato政策規定,個人資料的保留時間不得長於達致資料用途(或任何直接相關的目的)所需的時間,且須受與保留資料有關的法律、法定及監管規定的規限。  個人資料的保安  Cioccolato已制訂適當的具體、電子及管理措施,以保障個人資料免於受到未經授權或意外的取用、處理、刪除或其他用途。 直接營銷活動  如果閣下不希望您的個人資料被用於直接營銷活動,請發送電郵(連同您的姓名)至hello@Cioccolato與資料保障主任聯絡,告知我們閣下不希望您的個人資料被用作此用途。  透過本網站收集的個人資料  我們可能在您使用本網站的過程中,收集個人資料,內容包括姓名、性別、年齡、電話號碼、電郵地址等。當您瀏覽本網站時,Cioccolato可能會收集與您的電腦有關的資訊,例如您使用的互聯網瀏覽器類型及操作系統類型,以及網絡服務供應商的域名等。法例並無規定您必須提供個人資料,但除非您向Cioccolato提供所要求的個人資料,否則Cioccolato可能無法提供您所需的服務、設施及貨品。  使用透過本網站收集的個人資料 Cioccolato使用透過本網站收集的個人資料,主要是為您提供您所需的服務、設施和貨品、回應您的查詢、了解您的需求、進行統計分析、分析網站用途或客戶要求、直接營銷活動,又或通知您有關本網站或公司服務的任何改動,以致對您可能造成的影響。  Cookies」功能  為加強本網站的功能以方便您瀏覽,有部分網頁備有「Cookies」。這種純文字檔案被放置於您電腦的網絡瀏覽器內,用來儲存您的個人喜好。「Cookies」本身不會提供您的電郵地址或其他個人資料,除非您選擇直接向本網站提供這些資料。但當您選擇向網站提供您的個人資料,這些資料便會與儲存於「Cookies」內的資料連結。大部分的網絡瀏覽器最初都被設定為接受「Cookies」。您可自行把網絡瀏覽器設定為拒絶「Cookies」,或將網絡瀏覽器設定在接受「Cookies」時須通知您。但若您選擇拒絶「Cookies」,本網站若干功能便可能無法運作。  接觸及更正您的資料 您可發送電郵至hello@Cioccolato,要求資料保障主任更新或更正您的個人資料。 為保護您的私隱和身份,Cioccolato將以合理的步驟核實您的身份,然後才會讓您接觸或更正您的個人資料。  聯絡方法 如您對Cioccolato為本網站所制訂的私隱政策聲明(包括集團處理數據的方法或其用途)有任何疑問或意見,歡迎電郵至hello@Cioccolato或致函以下地址與資料保障主任聯絡: 香港九龍觀塘鴻圖道57號南洋廣場1806室長豐旅行用品有限公司 資料保障主任 除非文義明確另有所指,本網站所提及的「Cioccolato」及「Cioccolato」是指在香港的Cioccolato、其附屬公司及關聯公司。 Cioccolato可不時修訂私隱政策,我們鼓勵您不時瀏覽本私隱政策聲明,以確保您得悉最新版本